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Eucerin Combo Pro Acne Solution (Cleansing Gel 200ml + Toner 200ml)

Eucerin Combo Pro Acne Solution (Cleansing Gel 200ml + Toner 200ml)
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Product Details

Eucerin Combo ProAcne(Cleansing Gel 200ml + Toner 200ml)

Eucerin Combo ProAcne(Cleansing Gel 200ml + Toner 200ml) is a set of products that provide cosmetic solutions for oily skin and acne skin. The combination of ingredients in the product has four main causes of acne: keratosis (disorder of skin cell metabolism), seborrhea (seborrheic hypersecretion), bacterial proliferation and dermatitis. Clinical dermatological studies have shown that Eucerin ProAcne products are effective and very good at strengthening the skin's resistance.


Eucerin ProACNE Solution Combo


Product Details:

1. Eucerin Cleansing Gel Pro Acne Solution Cleansing Gel 200ml
Eucerin Cleansing Gel pro Acne Solution Cleansing Gel is an acne cleanser with non-comedogenic face wash with 6% Ampho-Tensides that gently but effectively removes excess sebum while removing dirt and make-up. Leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and supple.


Eucerin ProACNE Solution Cleansing Gel


Main ingredients and uses:
- Soap- and fragrance-free, Eucerin ProACNE Solution Cleansing Gel is an acne cleanser with non-comedogenic daily face wash for acne-prone skin.
- With 6% Ampho-Tensides, it cleanses skin gently but effectively removing dirt, make-up and any excess sebum.
- Thanks to its antibacterial properties, the gel eliminates skin bacteria and prevents bacterial growth.


Eucerin ProACNE Solution Cleansing Gel


Used for:
Eucerin Cleansing Gel pro Acne Solution Cleansing Gel 200ml used for acne prone skin.

- Use the cleansing gel as a first step in your skin care routine - preferably twice daily: morning and evening
- Use a cherry-sized amount and work it into a lather in your hand with a little water
- Massage into your face.
- Rinse with lukewarm water
- Avoid contact with your eyes

2. Eucerin Pro Acne Toner 200ml
Eucerin Pro Acne Toner 200ml clears the skin and provides intensive cleansing for the T-Zone and other problem areas. The formula with Lactic Acid gently clears pores, moisturises skin and prepares it so it can absorb the full benefits of your care product.


Eucerin ProACNE Solution Cleansing Gel


Main ingredients and uses:
- Eucerin ProACNE Solution Toner has been specially formulated for oily and blemish-prone skin and for those with mild to moderate adult acne. It is also suitable for all other forms of acne such as acne vulgaris.
- The active antibacterial formula contains 2% Lactic Acid which unblocks pores, inhibits bacterial growth and prevents all types of blemishes without over drying the skin.
- It is particularly effective when used in the T-Zone and other problem areas.

Used for:
Eucerin ProACNE Solution Toner used for acne-prone skin.

- Apply toner to a cotton pad.
- Wipe cotton pad over your entire face.
- Do not rinse.
- Avoid contact with your eyes and use a new cotton pad for each application

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