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DHC Collagen Hard 180 Capsule (30 Days Supply)

DHC Collagen Hard 180 Capsule (30 Days Supply)
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Product Details

DHC Coenzyme Q10 Hard 180 Capsule

DHC Coenzyme Q10 Hard are fortified with vitamin C and coenzyme Q10 for the body; Helps reduce skin aging, helps prevent wrinkles, and helps beautify skin. The product with the main components of Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin C can be absorbed into the body 3 times higher than conventional products, helping to promote energy production, enhance body toughness, activate cells. cell and antioxidants. This product is not a medicine and does not replace medicine.

Ingredients and uses:
- DHC Coenzyme Q10 Hard with 100% natural extracts, extremely outstanding and safe to use.
- Each capsule contains Vitamin C: 150 mg; Coenzyme Q10 γ Cyclodextrin (containing 20% Coenzyme Q10): 75 mg (equivalent to coenzyme Q10: 15 mg); Coenzyme Q10: 75 mg.
- Vitamin C prevents excessive proliferation of melanin - the pigment formed by UV rays and skin aging. Thanks to this mechanism, vitamin C helps prevent dark spots and dark spots often seen in middle-aged women. At the same time, they help reduce post-acne deep scars for puberty, oily skin.
- Vitamin C prevents the growth of free radical cells. This is a great significance in preventing dark spots, melasma, freckles as well as skin cancer.
- Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble vitamin, a naturally occurring compound present in the mitochondria of animal and plant cells. Coenzyme Q10 has an anti-wrinkle effect and prevents new wrinkle formation. The continuous and long-term supplement of Coenzyme Q10 helps keep your mind sharp, supple and youthful. Stimulates the production of Estrogen, especially good for health and makes skin smooth and shiny for women aged 35 and over.
- Gelatin: Composition is a soluble protein form, containing essential amino acids. Gelatin stimulates the formation of collagen on the skin, increases elasticity, nourishes beautiful young skin.
- Titanium not only improves and nourishes the skin, but they also create a protective layer against the sun. Titanium's perfect sun protection is widely used in current sunscreens.

Target users:
DHC Coenzyme Q10 Hard is suitable for use by adults with the need for beautiful skin.

How to use:
Adults: 2 capsules daily (taken with warm water or cool water).

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